The internals

The rooms of Casale il Nocciolo boast ceilings with the original beams of the XVII century, as ancient as the building itself, a large fireplace, walls coloured with old rose, ivory and azure shades, porous floors realised with half-moon brick tiles, “arte povera” style furniture perfectly restored which amplifies the natural beauty of the place.

Every details is perfectly treated to create a homelike environments. And this is why the owners have taken the decision to endow the farmhouse with crockery, tablecloths, pots and pans as well as first necessity goods, in this way granting the guest with complete autonomy, in every part of the day and of the night.

The bedrooms and services are treated in the same way: you will find bed linen (made of cotton or flax), once the precious family trousseau, handloom made and hand embroiled as only in the past was possible to do, and white and tender sponges, all this without renouncing the necessary comforts.

Two luminous rooms, as many comfortable bathrooms, a large kitchen and a pleasant living room all form an ideal place for spending a long holiday or just a weekend far away from the frantic rhythms of the city and the stress imposed by modern life.